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folded plate building systemenlarged geodesic sail vaultfaceted shells
compact, closed
 compact, closed 
disintegrated, open
 disintegrated, open 

The wide range of possibilities in working with these elements is shown in two views of a townscape and the top view of a larger building complex.
The top view demonstrates, that in spite of the seemingly natural irregularity there is inherent a systematic arrangement, even though it is not based on a regular grid. More complex zonohedra than the 132-hedron would be difficult to apply, because they have too many types of faces, and because continuous alignments and advantageous uniform angles in graduations of 22,5 like here are not attainable, whereby the crystalline irregularity would turn into a disadvantage.

Here are some  "panoramic views" of an environment composed exclusively by the described system.

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branched out
   branched out 
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