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What has been realised in the field of zomes till now ?

In spite of the enormous potential of zomes, applications in real construction are rare, so far.
Instead of plate structures, planked trusses joined by universal nodes are being built.
The buildings are conceived of as isolated solitary structures alone and it is only as free-standing structures that they can be built properly. Besides that, the convex polyhedron, which they have emerged from, and which they are restricted to, is bipolar, not multipolar. This precludes neat joinings to neighboured buildings in several directions.
However, positive symbolic and mystic qualities were ascribed to this shape just because of this centering.

Just garden-houses and garages based on the geometry of a rhombicuboctahedron are available. They have annexes and connecting sections out of this geometry. Vertical faces are used for small doors only, but not for the opening or joining of the zonohedral units directly.

Formally sophisticated concepts of Haresh Lalvani, who researched intensively into the geometry of zomes, have not been realised until now.

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