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Is a geodesic dome easy to add ?

Conventional geodesic domes are characterised by vertices on great circles in a plane situated inclined in space, because they are based on the geometry of the platonic solids and the serial fine subdivision of their side faces.

At the same time, the novel dome is composed of faceted spherical caps of rotational symmetry. These caps are situated at right angles to each other, because they are centered on the axes of a rectangular coordinate system. It is due to this property that such a dome can be cut straight along existing edges, whereby no building element at all has to be cut to pieces.

It is not possible to cut off sections of conventional geodesic domes - characterised by their slanted polygonal line traces bent in top view - in a plane perpendicular to the ground without cutting the border elements into pieces and sustaining the remaining cut pieces by stiff border arches ( - as you can see in the "Eden-Project", Cornwall).

The openings on the geometrically neat plane borders of the new Dome can be vertically glazed only, or they can be the transitions to other equal domes or to conventional buildings.
The dome can be realised as a truss system as well as a plate structure.

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